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Further reading and information

A selection of articles and online resources with for further reading on insomnia and its treatment.  These links will be updated as and when I find more helpful webpages, keep checking.

Please let me know if you find any that aren't working.

Mayo Clinic

The world renown Mayo Clinic's article on CBT for insomnia

Wikipedia on CBT

Wikipedia link on CBT for Insomnia

BBC health

BBC health pages article on insomnia


eMedicine article on insomnia - long but very informative


BUPA info on Insomnia, detailing CBT as one of the treatment options

NHS Choices

NHS Choices on Insomnia

National Sleep Survey

A survey looking at our sleep routines and problems. A helpful, but general, summary of your results is provided after you complete the survey

Sleep clinic - Guardian

Comments and advice on Insomnia and sleep problems from a web chat with Professor Colin Espie, doyenne of CBT I in the UK

Why can't I Sleep - Guardian

a short but informative piece from the Guardian with some ideas about sleeplessness

Sleep myths and realities

Professor Colin Espie from a recent series in the Guardian newspaper on insomnia

Time to wake up to sleep disorders

Another Guardian article with interesting 'patient' comments below

How much sleep do we need?

Guardian article, most interesting are again the readers comments below. Studies into sleep duration and mortality are in their early stages.

BBC science - article on OSA, RLS and Insomnia

Factual overview of three of the most common sleep disorders

Sleep - our new obsession

An article from the Guardian, based on the musings of Professor Jim Horne, a well respected figure in Sleep Medicine research.

5 ways to improve your sleep

A few pointers towards better sleep

Highlights from Professor Espies insomnia web chat

questions and answers from the doyenne of CBT I in the UK.

Insomnia advice articles - Professor Espie

Insomnia advice articles from Colin Espie's blog - regularly updated.

Insomnia Information

Selection from Colin Espie's blog - regularly updated.

Mental Health Foundation report reveals impact of poor sleep on health and happiness

very interesting and easy to read summary of this reports findings

Improve your sleep - pdf and MP3 free download

A very good link to improving your sleep. If you look at only one link this should be it.